Album review: Jesse Rose

What Do You Do If You Don't?

Facts about this album:

‘What Do You Do If You Don’t?’ took Jesse Rose nearly three years to finish

On his MySpace page, there is a picture of Jesse Rose posing with a dartboard over his face. This is NOT ADVISED.


On his lists of things he loves in 2009, Jesse Rose includes ‘choc-chilli Martinis’. We’ll have what he’s having…

Album review:

With over a decade of remixing under his drive belts, production credits for the likes of MIA and the careers of Hervé and Sinden owed in part to his label boss persona, Jesse Rose has impeccable credentials. This ‘fidget house’ (his flippant definition) classic has got the best appropriation of a track by a blind, homeless street musician that dressed like Thor since Mr Scruff (‘Night At The Dogs’ ravages Moondog’s ‘Lament’). And if that isn’t enough Hot Chip are back on their best “C-A-S-I-O P-O-K-E” form, this time spelling out “R-O-S-E” over and over on dub funk single ‘Forget My Name’, making two appearances overall for that all-important celeb endorsement.

Tim Chester

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