Jim Noir – ‘Jimmy’s Show’

A funny (peculiar) album filled with tinkles, tootles, swirls and noodles

There’s a pretty clear division of camps when it comes to allowance of humour in modern music – there’s “Yay! Randy Newman!” and then there’s “Boo! Bowling For Soup!” The titles alone on Jim Noir’s fourth album – ‘Driving My Escort Cosworth To The Cake Circus’, anyone? – are enough to inspire a shudder. But the good news is that he is still tempering the quirk with his lovely, authentically psychedelic whimsy – which is normally a horrible word but is the only cap that fits. If you don’t like things that tinkle, tootle, swirl or noodle, you’d better give this a miss. But don’t be afraid – this is funny peculiar, not funny Barenaked Ladies.

Pete Cashmore