Album Review: Jimmy Eat World – Invented (DGC)

On to album number 7, but Jimmy Eat World's charm only emerges in short bursts

If there’s one thing that this Arizonan four-piece have been masters of since their inception in the early ’90s, it’s consistently possessing the over-bearing sentimentality of a teenage girl. Their seventh studio album certainly doesn’t veer very far from their past emotional sensibilities. But, thankfully, there is the odd stylistic anomaly to be found here, not least on ‘Higher Devotion’, a song so ravaged by synths and singer and guitarist Jim Adkins’ best [a]Prince[/a] impression that you wonder why it sits among tracks such as ‘Movielike’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Coffee And Cigarettes’, which are so reminiscent of their past, embracing the comforting clichés of [a]Jimmy Eat World[/a]’s ‘Bleed American’-era.

Ash Dosanjh