Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund – ‘Split 12-inch’

Cardiff foursome and no-fi Bristol soloist come together on DIY split record

Reeks Of Effort describes itself as ”a DIY label sticking it to the squares”. Its latest release, a split 12” between proto-indie foursome Joanna Gruesome and no-fi Bristol musician Trust Fund, is full of two fingers up abandon. Joanna Gruesome lead with the brittle and infectious ‘Jerome (Liar)’ – which sounds like The Wedding Present hiring MBV’s Bilinda Butcher to front a cover of The Breeder’s ‘Doe’ – alongside a slicker take on ‘Satan’ from last year’s ‘Weird Sister’ debut and the delectably shouty ‘Coffee Implosion’. But Trust Fund, aka Ellis Jones, is the real revelation, merging Sufjan Stevens’ saccharine alt.folk with Elliott Smith’s melancholy and bursts of quivery indie-pop like Palma Violets doing the ice bucket challenge.



  • Record label: Reeks Of Effort
  • Release date: 22 Sep, 2014

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