Joanna Gruesome/Perfect Pussy – ‘Astonishing Adventures’ EP

Transatlantic tour buddies bring original tracks and covers to a shared vinyl-only release

After a year of sweat-soaked gigs on both sides of the Atlantic comes a vinyl-only split EP from touring partners Joanna Gruesome and Perfect Pussy, featuring a new song and a cover from each band, all wrapped in a comicbook by Phil McAndrew, brother of Perfect Pussy guitarist Ray. The music opens in a blaze of percussion on ‘Psykick Espionage’, Joanna Gruesome firing harder and more tunefully than ever. Rising to the challenge, Perfect Pussy’s overpowering ‘Adult World (The Secret)’ then shakes itself to pieces beneath a barrage of feedback. Joanna Gruesome reveal secret emo powers in their rapid take on Florida screamers I Hate Myself’s ‘…And Keep Reaching For Those Stars’, while a feedback-drenched resurrection of The Sugarcubes’ ‘Leash Called Love’ welds Perfect Pussy’s fierceness to an empowering Björk lyric: “He controls you/You should do him in”.

Stuart Huggett

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