Album Review: John Maus – ‘We Must Become Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves’

A third album of '80s sensations

Maus’ third album is a thundering slap of imagined ’80s pop hits, seemingly recorded from the radio onto a cracked cassette tape. Like his sometime bandmate Ariel Pink, Maus has taken the elemental aspects of those starry gems (the rabbit-out-of-a-trap time signature, the cruddy keyboards) and made them his own.

The counterpoint is his doomy vocals. Between the sentient Casio keyboard demo of ‘Streetlight’, ‘Head Of The Country’, which throws shameless Heaven 17-like shapes, and the dour [a]Magnetic Fields[/a]-like stomp of ‘Hey Moon’, this album is a an embarrassment of riches.

Priya Elan

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