The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – ‘Meat and Bone’

After eight years the trio return with a potent, scuzzy groove

For those who consider JSBX nothing but a snug-leather-pants-wearing, Black & White hair-pomade-coated, one-trick pony, we hereby present you with a potent continuation of the finest sonic stunt a horse has ever pulled. The trio’s first new album in eight years finds The Black Keys’ filthy uncles, Grinderman’s cellmates and The Stooges’ delinquent offspring still deeply embedded in a scuzzy groove. Original alt-blues preacherman Spencer is on ferocious form here, kicking out the jams via the roadhouse psych of ‘Black Thoughts’, ‘Strange Baby’’s swampy hollering and demon juke joint anthem ‘Danger’.

Leonie Cooper