Jonsi – ‘We Bought A Zoo (Motion Picture Soundtrack)’

As dreamy and atmospheric as you'd expect

This is that Cameron Crowe film out this week, about a family who move, unknowingly, into a dilapidated zoo. Crowe’s full of praise for the Sigur Rósian who scored it, claiming he used his ‘Go’ album for “scene-setting” and that the film – while also featuring music by anyone from Dylan to the Bunnymen to Mariachi El Bronx to Bon Iver – “brims with his one-of-a-kind sonic heartbeat”.

In fact it’s as dreamy and atmospheric as you might expect, but the truth is that only a handful of Jónsi’s 15 tunes here – ‘Sinking Friendships’, ‘Go Do’ – really work without the context of some CGI tigers.

Hamish MacBain