Album Review: Kassidy – Hope St (Vertigo)

An amalgamation of everything musically wrong placed into a poorly wrapped parcel

Fucking ’ell! When this bunch of Topman mannequins masquerading as humans decided to form a band, which bright spark whacked on ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’ by Crash Test Dummies and said, “Lads, this is how we’ll sound”? Kassidy, with all the objective critical distance one can muster, are a bunch of morons who not only resemble hoity-toity Fields Of The Nephilim lookalikes but are just as godawful to listen to.

Frontman Barrie James’ voice on ‘I Don’t Know’ sounds like the noise a cow makes while being milked, ‘Stray Cat’ is a sickly attempt at countrified pop and ‘Oh My God’ sounds like Crosby, Stills & Gary Barlow. And we did tell you how ridiculous they look, right? Jesus.

Jamie Crossan


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