Kele – ‘Heartbreaker’ EP

The Bloc Party frontman indulges in some classic-sounding house-inspired tunes

There’s always been an undertow of dance in Bloc Party’s music. Their 2005 debut, ‘Silent Alarm’, was compared to Gang Of Four, but the band’s inspiration was disco rather than post-punk – specifically early-’80s New York four-piece ESG and their track ‘Moody’. Now Bloc Party are on ice, frontman Kele Okereke has reinvented himself as a DJ. And here he goes the whole nine yards with an EP of unadulterated dancefloor action, and on one of the most important electronic labels of the moment, Crosstown Rebels, to boot. The synth riff on ‘Get Up’ is a fuzzy, euphoric rush; ‘God Has A Way’ adds a jabbing metallic snare into the mix; and the title track ups the tempo and adds a Chicago-style male vocal – it sounds like Okereke himself, put through some kind of digital transformation. It’s bang on the trend for classic house-inspired grooves. More importantly, Okereke isn’t faking it. This is the real deal.

Chris Cottingham