Killer Mike And El-P – ‘Run The Jewels’

A rough and rabid ride.

Just when you thought Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Watch The Throne’ was guaranteed to be the hip-hop collaboration of the decade, along comes the equally thrilling co-production ‘Run The Jewels’. Last year, Killer Mike’s ‘RAP Music’ was produced by El-P, and Killer Mike in turn guested on El-P’s ‘Cancer 4 Cure’ – but this is the first time the pair have done vocals together. On this free release (our recommendation: download it immediately), we’re in showboating diss-talk territory, with the two men rapping elegantly about rapping but managing to do it with a fresh, frenetic energy. Killer Mike’s Atlanta baritone drawl is like a rich, syrupy chocolate fudge cake compared to El-P’s hyper, sinewy flow and, along with supporting actors Big Boi and Prince Paul, the synergy here is bang on the money. It’s all laid out over old-school 808 beats that’ll make your head bounce, and booming, elephantine basslines that rollercoaster and ricochet through your intestines. A rough and rabid ride.

Lucy Jones

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