Album review: Kings Of Convenience ‘Declaration Of Dependence’ (Virgin)

Yes, they're drippy, but so is honey, right? Right?

[a]Kings Of Convenience[/a] are obvious lambs for the NME slaughterhouse, where hacks in filthy aprons smash their acoustic guitars, gag their harmonies and sneer them to death. Well, that’s inhumane. To slag KOC off for being too wet is like yelling at a tortoise for not barking. And really, while the Norwegian duo are very much stuck on relashunships, they’re often bitterly penetrating: the struggle for control and self-preservation cut deep on ‘24-25’ and ‘Rule My World’. OK, their lightweight bossa nova songs grate, but when they go all funereal, you get great lines such as “We move like knives through scars on land”. It’s Nick Drake for the over-30s, basically. So now they’ve been spared, anyone know an unhappy couple who’ll give them a good home?

Martin Robinson

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