Album review: KONG – ‘Snake Magnet’

They'll be your serpentine...

Snakes are meant to be repulsive; sneaky killing machines made of cold blood and untrustworthy eyes. Even more repulsive perhaps, is that nature made them on purpose and allowed the twisted among us to be magnetised by their creepy aura. ‘Snake Magnet’ is definitely making us twisted. Influenced by 400 Blows, Shellac, Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard, Manchester’s Kong don’t make music reminiscent of anything the city’s known for. Despite a worthy homage to Albini, there’s nothing textbook about this trio; they sound as intriguing as they look and play as dirty as they talk. ‘Snake Magnet’ is the sort of brilliant, balls-out art rock that will destroy the weak and blow up the pretentious. Just what Britain needs.

Kelly Murray

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