Album Review: Ladytron – ‘Gravity The Seducer’

A brilliant slice of totalitarian electro

With the release of their ‘Best Of 00-10’ earlier this year, [a]Ladytron[/a] gave themselves an opportunity to begin a new chapter in their career. So when main knob-twiddler Daniel Hunt referred to their fifth album as “baroque’n’roll”, we felt a certain level of intrigue/worry. But, alas, ‘Gravity The Seducer’ is just another brilliant slice of totalitarian electro, with a cheeky sojourn into wistful synth (‘White Elephant’) and etheric pop (‘Transparent Days’). It’s nothing new but [a]Ladytron[/a] have always excelled in the murky underworld and, on the likes of ‘Moon Palace’, they successfully amp up the doom. It’s masochistically delightful.

Listen to ‘Mirage‘ taken from the album which is available in UK Stores from September 12th:

Jamie Crossan

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