Lee Ranaldo – ‘Between The Times And The Tides’

A wealth of rock gems that shine

Strictly speaking it would be a lie to call ‘Between The Times And The Tides’ a solo record, because the former [a]Sonic Youth[/a] guitarist has obviously been getting by with help from some very cool friends (Wilco’s Nels Cline, SY live and late-era bassist Jim O’Rourke and drummer Steve Shelley).

It was always rumoured that Ranaldo had to hide his song writing light under a bushel in Sonic Youth, and sure enough here are a wealth of rock gems that shine with a warm-hearted, Neil Young-like intensity. Those wanting clangour and dissonance will be disappointed, but everyone else will be pleasantly surprised.

[i]John Doran[/i]



  • Director: John Agnello
  • Record label: Matador
  • Release date: 19 Mar, 2012