Les Incompetents: End Of An Error

Posthumous, skewered pop brilliance

With a shambles of an introduction, delivered somewhat bizarrely by David Walliams, ‘End Of An Error’ starts as it means to go on – as a riotous mess peppered with moments of brilliance. This post-split compilation showcases Les Incompetents’ twin obsessions of early ’90s children’s TV and going out and losing your mind. They mixed the gang mentality of Madness with a sound not dissimilar to Talking Heads, had they been left out in the rain and savaged by a dog. The bouncy sixth-form pop of ‘Reunion’, the stupid ska of ‘How It All Went Wrong’, hell, even their cover of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ which segues into a number from Bugsy Malone, are all sparkling diamonds in the mine of insanity that the group plundered. They may be gone, but make sure these nutters are not forgotten.

Leonie Cooper