Album review: Let’s Wrestle – ‘In The Court Of The Wrestling Let’s’

Heavy, weirdo lo-fi art-rock that's no friend to royalty

Let’s Wrestle have been slouching around north London venues for a while now, Findus crispy-crumbs in their hair and surrealist bile in their bellies. Their debut buzzes with all the frisson of perspiring pre-teens getting their pseudo-sexual jollies playing Tetris under unmade bed linen; a sort of puerile Pavement with bigger laughs. At worst the band does a sort of meta pub-rock with fake ID and sloppy handclaps, but mostly they sound like lo-fi gods inhabiting human form, Wesley Patrick Gonzales hitting high notes like a high-school spod told to square up to bullies by his mum. Best of all are ‘I Won’t Lie To You’’s frothing pop and ‘Diana’s Hair’, a jaundiced ode to the late Queen Of Hearts that raises insolence to an artform.

Alex Denney

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