Lightships – ‘Electric Cables’

Its good points relinquish the few minor quibbles

As one of three equally capable songwriters in Teenage Fanclub, Gerard Love’s contributions shone for their summery warmth and big, immediate choruses. While his bandmates took their Big Star-influenced power pop in offbeat directions, he remained constant, delivering two of the band’s biggest hits in ‘Ain’t That Enough’ and ‘Star Sign’.

On this solo outing, backed by several members of Glasgow’s indie mafia (Bob Kildea from Belle & Sebastian, Tom Crossley from The Pastels, Dave McGowan and Brendan O’Hare from Teenage Fanclub), Love gets to indulge his sweet tooth over a whole record. That freedom turns out to be part blessing and part curse, his delicate-as-a-feather jangle and wispy vocals eventually wearing just a little thin. Lead single ‘Sweetness In Her Spark’ is undeniably pretty, but with a slightly toothless second half, ‘Electric Cables’ doesn’t quite go the distance.

Still, when it hits its stride – as on centrepiece ‘Silver And Gold’ – it’s easy to relinquish such minor quibbles and surrender to its inherent snuggliness.

Tom Edwards