Album Review: Limp Bizkit – ‘Gold Cobra’

An ugly continuation of their 'nu-metal' days

It’s difficult to believe [a]Limp Bizkit[/a] could return after all this time somehow even more hateful than before. Yet, by witlessly sticking to what was once termed ‘nu-metal’, a genre now hopelessly old and even less subtle, it’s really beyond parody: it ends up just ugly.

Things reach some kind of dark nadir with ‘Douche Bag’ and its chorus line, the charming, “I’mma fuck you up, fuck you fuck you fuck you up”. Then, as if to balance things out with some Tyler-style self-loathing, we’re subjected to the grimy navel-gaze that is ‘My Own Cobain’, which is offensive on an entirely different level. Did it for the ‘nookie’? There can be no better contraceptive.

Dan Martin

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