Album review: Lissy Trullie – ‘Self-Taught Learner’

Hipster, schmipster - we're not buying it

For all the great music that continues to come out of the Big Apple, there also remains a never-ending supply of chancers with good connections. If her debut EP is any indication, Lissy Trullie might be another addition to the latter category. It only takes a cursory listen to see right through the thin veneer of downtown cool that covers the weedy, sub-Strokes indie-pop. The five tracks are painfully wistful; the “la-la-la”-ing of ‘She Said’, for example, is so irritatingly saccharine that it could bring on a cringe attack in a pop-girl obsessed 11-year-old. The final insult comes via a limp, sexless run-through of Hot Chip’s modern classic ‘Ready For The Floor’. Ah New York, we love you, but you don’t half take the piss sometimes.

Hardeep Phull

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