Album Review: LMFAO – ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’

A soul destroying second record

“I be up in the party, lookin’ for a hottie to bone”, begins the title track to this LA ‘rap’ duo’s second album. Yet it’s not the persistent and aggressive misogyny that is the most soul-destroying thing about the record. Nor is it songs so imbecilic that if you ate a can of Alphabetti Spaghetti you could shit out more intelligent lyrics to a more pleasing tune.

It’s that it’s all ever-so-slightly tongue-in-cheek, with an Epic Movie ability to make their parody far more revolting than the genre it’s parodying. [a]LMFAO[/a] understood the pain they would be inflicting on the world and did it anyway. That’s a horrifying thought – even Lucifer had good intentions.

Sam Wolfson

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