Album Review: Loney, Dear

Dear John

Facts about this album:

* ‘Dear John’ is the fifth in a quintet of albums, the other four being ‘The Year Of River Fontana’, ‘Citadel Band’, ‘Sologne’ and ‘Loney, Noir’.

* Loney, Dear recorded ‘Dear John’ in his studio apartment in Stockholm and his parents’ house in Jonkoping.

Album review:

Emil Svanangen is a very clever man: multi-instrumentalist, genre-manipulator and user of superfluous punctuation. Even clever people, though, get their hearts broken. And then some of them even get to compose excellent, sad, lovely albums. ‘Dear John’ is more or less all about getting dumped, blending hymnal keyboards, tender strings and pained vocals. ‘I Was Only Going Out’ is the standout track, wracked and wistful, with a whistling solo that isn’t annoying, while ‘Under A Silent Sea’ pulls off the trick of being a gorgeous torch song with a vocoder in it. By the end, you just want to give Emil a hug and tell him there are plenty more fish in the sea. Even though there aren’t

and we all die alone.

Pete Cashmore


Loney, Dear

Loney Dear

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