LostAlone – ‘Shapes Of Screams’

Underrated Derby three-piece prove their worth on third record

That LostAlone aren’t Bon Jovi-massive yet is a source of consternation, and as the stadium support-slot invites keep coming they must be starting to wonder if they’ll ever get top billing. The anthemic Derby three-piece plough on regardless in their fusty tour van, supporting everyone from Paramore to The Darkness night after night, and delivering the kind of unabashed glam metal that’s been unfashionable since the 80s. It’s a shame because they actually rock – as tunes like ‘Scarlet Letter Rhymes’ from third album ‘Shapes Of Screams’ attest – and singer/songwriter/guitarist Steven Battelle shares more DNA with the likes of Marina & The Diamonds singer Marina Diamandis than the earnest metallers they’ll inevitably be five down the bill from this festival season.

Jeremy Allen

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