Lower – ‘Seek Warmer Climes’

Iceage tour buddies and collaborators step out of the fellow Danes' shadow

Copenhagen’s Lower are the ‘sister’ band of Iceage, the two bands having toured extensively together and collaborated on an EP covering each other’s songs. And now, of course, they’re signed to the same international indie label – but ‘Seek Warmer Climes’ is not quite ‘New Brigade’ Part Two. A dour but enervating mix of post-punk and high-strung noise rock, it is nonetheless a thing of vulnerability and red-raw emotion. Adrian Toubro sings like every word causes him a jolt of pain, but his songs are literate and fine-crafted, reading like distilled existential dramas: the excoriating mix of vanity and self-loathing of ‘Lost Weight, Perfect Skin’; or the cello-accompanied ‘Expanding Horizons (Dar Es Salaam)’, a tale of youthful idealism gone rotten on the vine.

Louis Pattison



  • Record label: Matador
  • Release date: 16 Jun, 2014