Album review: Malajube


How many Canadian bands have you loved? It’s worth a ponder while wandering Malajube’s aimless ‘Labyrinthes’. In fairness, the Quebec quartet often appear equally dubious of the indie-rock Montreal is known for; the kind that all seems filtered through Broken Social Scene or Spencer Krug and their Pitchfork-goading smugness. Startled by the prospect of a ‘safe’ 7.2, the record veers off along theatrical tangents that recall Muse or ELO as much as Sunset Rubdown but ultimately don’t seem to make sense, highlights ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Cristobald’ botched by over-eager forays into cock-rocking territory. Stranded, the record potters about not knowing what to do with itself. One for the woolly jumper crew.

Kev Kharas

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