Album review: Malcolm Middleton – ‘Waxing Gibbous’

Apparently, you can fight the moonlight

There’s a thin line in pop between being a miserablist, a miner of nuggets of beauty from the dark rock walls of despair and a common-or-garden maudlin sod who just wants to ruin everybody else’s day. Despite once releasing a Christmas single called ‘We’re All Going To Die’, Scottish troubadour Malcolm Middleton’s tent

is pitched firmly in the former camp.

His new set is disarmingly jaunty, occasionally odd – as on the scratchy electro-folk of ‘Don’t Want To Sleep Tonight’ – and frequently lovely, chiefly on the parched reverie of ‘Ballad Of Fuck All’. Gibbous describes the state of a moon that is midway between being half and full – which is not a bad one-word review.

Pete Cashmore

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