Marilyn Manson

Eat Me, Drink Me

Some dismiss Marilyn Manson as a stilts-over-substance shock-rocker who believes that painting pictures of Hitler as a trannie makes him an artiste. OK, the paintings aren’t much better than Doherty’s blood art, but actually, despite appearances, Manson’s made some of the most vitalic rock music of recent times (‘Disposable Teens’, ‘The Nobodies’) and let his musical obsessions, such as his Bowie fixation, polish his metal. This album sees him rising from the hordes of spider-black hoodies, becoming a musical force beyond the Download ticket-holders. Not that he’s less sinister – cuts like ‘Putting Holes In Happiness’ bubble with as much bloody imagery of knives on hearts and gothic rabbits (the album is influenced by Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland) as classic rock influences. Eat him, drink him, but make sure you listen to him too.

Jamie Fullerton