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Great Lengths

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Away from the stale throb of Fabric’s main room, a contingent of producers have been forging escape routes out of the dubstep ghetto. Leading London heads from the tyranny of knucklehead rhythm is Hyperdub boss Kode9, whose live dalliances with funky UK garage and jungle have duped slumped ket-heads into moving their hips. People who say they don’t like dubstep haven’t heard Martyn – the Eindhoven producer came late to the scene – but there’s a freshness to tracks such as ‘Little Things’ and ‘Right?Star!’ that puts him alongside Kode9. ‘Great Lengths’’ fusing of techno, house and pretty much every bassland sound since early-’80s Detroit is compelling. It climaxes with ‘These Words’, its sweet ache the ultimate refute to clubstep thuggery.

Kev Kharas

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