Album review: Matt & Kim – ‘Grand’

Party music worth leaving the buffet for

So-called ‘party music’ can make you nauseous. The very mention of it can summon nightmarish images of dead-eyed drones bopping to forgettable chart tosh, followed by the low dull hum of Duffy simpering away while City boys swap anecdotes over coke and shots. Matt & Kim, on the other hand, give the term a good name. This super-cute pair of Brooklyn punks spew out frenzied, lo-fi electronic attacks, and second effort ‘Grand’ is packed full of their infectious creations; a self-produced brew of plonking pianos, keyboards and beats. OK, so singer Matt Johnson’s off-kilter style is an acquired taste, but with tracks as bubbly as this, it’s hard not to adore Matt & Kim; eccentricities, vocal tics and all.

Camilla Pia

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