Album Review: Matt And Kim – ‘Sidewalks’ (Different)

Ben Hewitt is less than impressed by the couple's offering

If ‘Sidewalks’ is husband-and-wife duo Matt and Kim’s vision of a perfect night on the tiles, then partying with them must be hellish. Its chart-pap melodies (‘Good For Great’) and sodden clichés (‘Red Paint’), are reminiscent of being trapped at the worst kid’s birthday party imaginable. Synths are blared with the same subtlety as honking birthday horns; the sickly production is more vomit-inducing than quaffing too much jelly and ice cream; and, above the bedlam, Matt’s voice wavers unconvincingly like an exasperated Dad failing to assert their authority. Just make sure you’re busy washing your hair or scratching your own eyes out if they ever invite you round for a shindig.

Ben Hewitt

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