Album Review: Maybeshewill – ‘I was Here For A Moment, Then I was Gone’

A monstrous debut of intense post-rock noise

Bearing the musical equivalent of a 5am, head-exploding hangover – but in a good way – the Leicester post-rock foursome’s new record is instrumental, atmospheric, noisy brilliance that gets right inside the battered crevices of your skull and pounds on the sides.

Their first studio-recorded album, after working on the other two in a spare bedroom, took a grand total of 18 months to put together and is reminiscent of the likes of [a]65daysofstatic[a], [a]Mogwai[/a] and [a]Glassjaw[/a]. Epic guitars, crashing drums and intense keys – it’s a dramatic record that will shake your bones.

Abby Tayleure

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