Mazes – ‘Wooden Aquarium’

Third time lucky for the USA-loving London band

For their third album, London’s Mazes immersed themselves in America. They recorded ‘Wooden Aquarium’ in snowy upstate New York with Parquet Courts producer Jonathan Schenke. Like the NYC band, Mazes enjoy their words, as the dual spelling in ‘Explode In Colo(u)rs’ emphasises. Scruffy melodies informed debut album ‘A Thousand Heys’ and they return here (‘Vapour Trails’) but Jack Cooper’s homegrown themes are interwoven expertly. ‘Salford’ sets Pixies-style boy/girl vocals up North and ‘Stamford Hill’ is named after a north London enclave. The krautrock of second record ‘Ores & Minerals’ is evident too: ‘Ripp’ features taut basslines and mumbled vocals, ‘Letters Between U&V’ runs on greasy motorik and ‘Mineral Springs’ is awash with ’60s harmonies. Third time lucky, then.

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