Album Review: McFly, ‘Above The Noise’ (Island)

A new turn for the boys

How many bands who emerged in 2004 are still going strong, having “parted company” with a major label, put out an album independently, then had the major beg them to come back? In fact, has any band ever actually done this? Also, how many bands whose sound is “impossible to pigeonhole” go from four-guys-in-a-room garage-rock to hi-gloss [a]Prince[/a]-pop in the space of two albums, and show no signs of fading? People used to think [a]McFly[/a] were a boyband, but ‘Above The Noise’ is not boyband turf. This is commendable stuff . I mean, the music is absolute shite – see ‘Party Girl’’s attempt to emulate ‘Bad Romance’ – but still… well done!

Hamish MacBain

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