Mclusky : Mclusky Do Dallas

Grimy Cardiff rock. Seamy stuff...

With Puddle Of Mudd currently starring in ‘Grungesters, Inc’ – the Disney reanimation of Nirvana‘s most commercial moments – i’s good to know that there are bands tapping the other spirit of 1991. Cardiff’s Mclusky are steeped in the grimy residues of the early-90s US underground, wilfully channelling The Jesus Lizard, Mudhoney, Girls Against Boys and the ghost of every Amphetamine Reptile T-shirt into the frequently hilarious ‘Mclusky Do Dallas’.

Sticky with gibbering guitars, unhinged lyrics and the kind of unwholesome attitude that could do with a ladle of sheep dip (titles include ‘Fuck This Band’ and ‘The World Loves Us And Is Our Bitch’) it’s surprisingly inventive. The Voidoids-like scramble of ‘Chases’; the
stained Six By Seven dynamics of ‘To Hell With Good Intentions’; ‘Collagen Rock’, apparently featuring David Yow and a waste disposal unit: Mclusky sound like they’ve crawled out from under rock itself.
Forget the spotlight: in a faintly unpleasant way, the dark is rising.

Victoria Segal