Album Review: Meat Puppets – ‘Lollipop’

They may be on a long term comedown but their music isn't suffering

The fact that these titans of the US underground have collectively hoovered enough drugs and booze (and clocked enough jail time) to make [a]Pete Doherty[/a] sit up and wonder makes their sheer longevity something to be marvelled at.

The psychedelic punk assault of days gone by may have mellowed through the passing of time to an acid-blanched jangle, but the juddering grunge thump of ‘Orange’ and the playful reggae-fied clamour of ‘Shave It’ sound anything but weary. That actually-rather-fine opener ‘Incomplete’ bears a baffling resemblance to po-faced ’80s types Ultravox can be overlooked; there’s clearly plenty of life in the muckers yet.

Tom Edwards

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