Album reviews: Melvins ‘The Bride Screamed Murder’ (Ipecac)

Restlessly inventive, mercilessly heavy

Not content with inventing sludge metal and then grunge (via young fan Kurt Cobain) Pacific Coasters the [a]Melvins[/a] remain as restlessly inventive as ever. With each passing album their wall of sound grows ever more fierce. This album is an onslaught of brutal drumming and bowel-loosening riffs ([b]‘Evil New War God’[/b]), occasionally leavened by surprisingly delicate vocal interplay ([b]‘Hospital Up’[/b]). It’s only likely to increase the influence of a band to whom everyone from [a]Mike Patton[/a] to High On Fire owe a debt. As with all Melvins albums, this is the product of awesome power – in the right hands, for once.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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