Miike Snow – ‘Happy To You’

Disco-tinged and sing-along melancholy

If you’re expecting a reprise of blog-friendly Scandi-electro, look elsewhere. Following on from their eponymously titled first album, this dream team (two thirds Britney producers Bloodshy & Avant, one third Mark Ronson collaborator Andrew Wyatt) decided to take a step back and make an album ‘as a band’, rather than as competing knob-twiddlers. And it’s worked. The disco-tinged standout track ‘Devil’s Work’ sits happily next to the yearning, string-strummed lo-fi of ‘God Help This Divorce’. ‘Paddling Out’, meanwhile, matches big beat bounce to sing-along melancholy, and is by far the easiest link back to the trio’s earlier work.

Ailbhe Malone

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