MØ – ‘Bikini Daze’ EP

Scandinavian solo artist shows her tough yet vulnerable personality in her debut EP

Just like Lykke Li, Annie and Robyn, Karen Marie Ørsted is a female solo artist from Scandinavia who makes weird and icy electro-pop. It’s a busy genre. Fortunately the ponytailed Dane has a distinctive voice that’s both tough and vulnerable, and enough personality in the four tunes on her debut EP to stand out from the crowd. The biggest, ‘Never Wanna Know’, is Lana Del Rey gone girl-group. And the rest are nearly as infectious: the Diplo collaboration ‘XXX 88’ is even snappier than its title, ‘Dark Night’ is full of brilliant and ridiculous brass hooks and the finale ‘Freedom #1’ shows off Ørsted’s soulful side and ability to deliver a touching vocal.

Nick Levine

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