Album review: Moby – ‘Wait For Me’

Dance chameleon tries to shake off the branding

Once you’ve sold out, can you ever buy back in? The story around ‘Wait For Me’ is that techno’s very own Mr Advertisment Break is returning to his roots, recording on lo-tech tools with anonymous vocalists from his New York neighbourhood and releasing it on his own label with a sleeve drawn in marker pen. The problem isn’t the idea of a millionaire slumming it, though, so much as that pretty much everything sounds so bland it could soundtrack Home Furnishings Hour on a late-night shopping channel. There are moments of bliss – ‘Shot In The Back Of The Head’ recalls Mogwai at their most melancholy. ‘Wait For Me’, though, mostly confirms even cheap-sounding wallpaper remains, sadly, wallpaper.

Louis Pattison

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