Movie Review: Repo Men

Jude Law retrieves organs in this sci-fi flick with a neat set-up, but a predictable outcome

Repo Men

Cert: 18, 111 mins
Starring: Jude Law, Forest Whitaker

In the future, Jude Law works as a repossession man. Good future, I hear you cry. Sadly, he’s just playing a repo man – and this one doesn’t want your house, but your organs. That is, if you’ve bought one of the many mechanical replacements from “The Union”, and have fallen behind on your payments. Getting them back ain’t gonna be pretty…

It’s a neat set-up – adapted from The Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia – and soon clicks up a gear when Law finds himself with a mechanical heart himself, can’t stump up the cash, and his work colleagues now want to pull his still-pumping ticker from his chest, which, you’d think, is surely a matter for HR.

Yet what starts promisingly (the film has a great sense of humour about all this; when Law tells his boss he and fellow repo man Forest Whitaker scored 32 and a half “repossessions” in a single session, his boss questions the half-an-organ. “Midget,” comes the reply) soon descends into a fairly standard cat-and-mouse chase flick, as Law battles to keep his heart where it should be.

Standard mindless stuff then, which is shame – the set-up promised more. For a film all about a heart, it’s shame it doesn’t have any brain.

Stuart McGurk