Movie review: StreetDance 3D

This advert for UK street dance may be a montage daisy-chain, but it's still fun

StreetDance 3D
Cert: PG, 98 mins
Starring: Nichola Burley, George Sampson, Charlotte Rampling

Doing for street dance what Mamma Mia! did for Abba, Streetdance 3D isn’t so much a film as a video jukebox – the best of Britain’s Got Talent, with slightly more story and much less Amanda Holden.

What’s not to love? Never knowingly not showing a dance montage, Streetdance features second series winner George Sampson, third season winner Diversity, and is directed by “award-winning promo duo Max and Dania”. While you probably wouldn’t want them messing around with the latest Charlie Kaufman script, the noble art of streetdance certainly gets a good promo-ing from them here, in what is by-the-numbers cliché daisy-chain, but joyful nonetheless – exciting, silly, easy-to-like, and (yes) in 3D too.

Taking its lead from American “dance-to-survive” films like Step Up, the thin plot sees Nichola Burley (Donkey Punch) in charge of a dance troupe who must dust themselves down when their de facto leader deserts them, and who end up – Louis Walsh in heaven! – melding with a ballet group in the hope of beating their arch rivals in the finals.

Will there be initial scepticism on both sides of the posh/street divide? Will the sexy ballet people end up with their not-so-sexy-but-obviously-matched-counterparts? Will, for the love of God, they be able to eventually combine the old and new? And will little George Sampson have about three lines, but an improbable cameo dance at the end? Hint: yes.

Stuart McGurk