Mr Oizo

Lamb's Anger

Back in ancient times (1999, to be precise), the French music producer and film maker Mr Oizo invented Flat Eric, a little puppet that starred in a series of Levi’s commercials. The soundtrack, ‘Flat Beat’, was Number One everywhere forever and idiots loved the whole cute, furry concept. But can’t we let bygones be bygones? Because now, freshly hooked-up with Ed Banger, Oizo has made a joyously daft party album. It sounds like Bumblebeez, LFO, Lord Skywave and, er, Brand New Heavies, whizzed up in a soup of shameless funk samples, bizarre radiophonic interludes and vintage rave riffs. It also contains a guest spot from Uffie that doesn’t make you want to chuck your iPod down a drain. Remarkable, no?

Tony Naylor