Municipal Waste

The Art Of Partying

If you’re anything like this writer – who believes that the passion of hardcore punk united with the gonzo fun of heavy metal creates essentially the greatest form of rock’n’roll ever invented, plus you like zombie films a lot – then you’re going to absolutely love these dudes. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, their fourth album’s subject matter – like all their records – deals in the currency of post-apocalyptic mutants (they’re cool), beer (it’s awesome), and thrash music itself. Stand out tunes include ‘Lunch Hall Food Brawl’ and ‘Sadistic Magician’ – the titles alone are works of genius – but it’s on closer, and band modus operandi ‘Born To Party’ that they really excel. “Municipal Waste is gonna FUCK YOU UP!” chants singer Tony Foresta until his lungs explode (probably). Frankly, it’s hard to disagree with him.

James Jam