My Chemical Romance: I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Red tie’n’ black shirt combo at the ready

Straddling the queasy-making line between MTV favourites and so-exhilarating-it’ll-take-the-gloss-off-your-black-nail-varnish has never sounded so easy. With a mix of blackly hip charisma, mirror cracking style and tunes that stay in your brain like a re-occurring dream, MCR have gone from Blink 182’s underachieving younger brothers to kings of their own game. Although ‘I’m Not Okay…’ is about a cracking-at-the-teary-seams relationship, the pain is stomped and crushed away under the weight of several black Converse collapsing a filled-to-the-brim dancefloor in someone’s heart (Elan, are you on drugs? – Mixed Metaphor Ed).

Considerably better than ‘okay’, it’s the moment a guilty pleasure becomes the best three minutes of your life.

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