Album Review: My Morning Jacket – ‘Circuital’

A timely sixth album from the stoner-psych quintet

That the line “They told me not to smoke drugs but I wouldn’t listen” appears on [a]My Morning Jacket[/a]’s sixth album will come as no surprise to those familiar with this Kentucky quintet’s substantial stoner-psych oeuvre. Following more than a decade in the game, MMJ’s ‘Circuital’ seems to have timed its arrival perfectly. It’s occurred as fellow fans of open highway harmonics [a]Fleet Foxes[/a] have recently scampered to the top end of the UK charts.

A similar slide into the mainstream for Jim James and co certainly wouldn’t be out of the question – not least because ‘Circuital’, despite stiff competition, is possibly their most impressive work to date. The rolling, euphoric title track makes for a majestic seven-and-a-half minutes, while ‘Holdin On To Black Metal’ sees them fly their playground freak-funk flag, before paying homage to their roots in the tender Southern waltz, ‘Movin Away’. It’s all so much more than simply the soundtrack to a night in with a massive bifter.

Leonie Cooper

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