Neneh Cherry & The Thing – ‘The Cherry Thing’

A seductive free jazz record

You might think you don’t like free jazz. Hush now. Let Neneh Cherry, she of ‘Buffalo Stance’ fame, soothe your silly, tired little brain. Let her gloved, sensuous voice stroke your knitted brow as cymbals gently plash. Shh. ShhhRKKKKRNNNNGHTT! That’s essentially the mode of attack of ‘The Cherry Thing’, a covers collaboration between Cherry and free-jazzers The Thing; lure you in with slink, then bend your mind with skronk. It’s heady stuff, from a dizzyingly sexy take on Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream’ to a version of The Stooges’ ‘Dirt’ that sounds, in a good way, like the end of all things.

[i]Emily Mackay[/i]



  • Record label: Smalltown Supersound
  • Release date: 18 Jun, 2012