Niki And The Dove – ‘All This Youth’

A right old stormer

Man alive, when are we finally going to get our grubby mitts on that Niki And The Dove debut LP in all its full glam-glory? It’s been two bloody years since we heard ‘DJ, Ease My Mind’ for the first time and instantly declared Swedish duo Malin Dalhström and Gustaf Karlöf the greatest electropop savants in aeons, and all we’ve had in return has been a few (admittedly killer) singles and a couple of (admittedly brilliant) EPs. Pull your fingers out, you two!

Of course, this is all part of Niki And The Dove’s masterplan: tickling our frustrations so our appetites are wholly whetted, and making sure they truly deliver the goods when ‘Instinct’ finally drops on May 14. And if ‘All This Youth’ – a cut from the special edition version of the album – is anything to go by, then they’ve got a right old stormer on their hands. It starts off chillingly sparse, just a woozy and wonky beat with frosted glass vocals, before the 21 glitter-gun salute of the chorus explodes: a giant scrape of guitar, bone-thwacking drums and some sweet’n’saucy lyrics: “The anxious lips, and the first kiss/ Will set us free”. Malin and Gustaf, all is forgiven: if ‘Instinct’ is bursting with bangers like these, then we won’t begrudge the Waiting For Godot-like kicking of our heels one little bit.

Ben Hewitt