Album review: Nine Black Alps – ‘Locked Out From The Inside’

A free-spirited mess

It’s hard to knock a free record – it’s kind of like slagging Metro. It holds no inherent value and you give up halfway through but, y’know, it’s free… what do you expect? The same could be said for [a]Nine Black Alps[/a]’ third outing, selflessly given away free for a whole two months before its release. Probably because if the Manchester quartet actually had to sell this album, they’d have more chance flogging [a]Feeder[/a] records outside Topman. Everything about ‘Locked Out From The Inside’ back-pedals to the ’90s – from the clunky lyrics that assert “every photograph steals your soul, yeah?”, to the [a]Guns N’Roses[/a] air-guitar solos and tedious Buffy references. But, y’know, it’s free…

Kat Lister

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