10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (16/08/09)

Jack White, Muse, Paramore, Florence And The Machine

1. Jack White – Fly Farm Blues
Recorded for a documentary about the electric guitar (RIP Les Paul) in just 10 minutes, Jack White continues to butt his head against modernity with his first solo single. As you’d expect, ‘Fly Farm Blues’’ dry, distorted vocals and prickle-heat shredding make for something of a museum piece, but it’s as visceral and exciting a nugget to have emerged from White’s mind for as long as we can remember. Album please.
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2. Muse ­– Uprising
After the stupendously ridiculous ‘The Resistance’ taster that was ‘…Eurasia’ comes the more straightforward single. ‘Uprising’, however, is straightforward only by Matt Bellamy’s standards, featuring as it does a bellowed operatic chorus of “WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!”, not to mention talk of how “the fat cats should have a heart attack!” Fun, stupid, clever, thrilling… how very Muse.
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3. O Children ­– Dead Disco Dancer
If Grinderman were cloned by a deranged apothecary with a faulty spellbook, you’d likely end up with the Victorian end-of-pier waxworks aesthetics of the video for ‘Dead Disco Dancer’, all natty suits and half-naked lovelies with the heads of mythical beasts. Presumably not a song about throwing shapes to Little Boots’ old band, it makes for a louchely winking murder ballad.

4. Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar
Fuck Buttons join Animal Collective on the noise-band-going-cosmic tip as they set their controls for the centre of Sir Patrick Moore’s prodigious brain with new Andrew Weatherall-produced album ‘Tarot Sport’. ‘Surf Solar’ is the first taster, a relentless voyage of electronic noise delivering a fizzy, bleak euphoria that’ll no doubt soundtrack many a chilly autumn night.

5. Music Go Music – Warm In The Shadows
Hen nights and pop musicologists alike weep at the continuing unlikelihood of an Abba reunion, but Music Go Music’s latest 12-inch is some compensation. The Swedes’ influence is all over the crystalline vocals, apres-ski funk and gloriously outre, cocaine-grinding guitar solos – all the decadence you’d expect from a band who claim to have met at a party hosted by a man called The Condor.

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6. Paramore – Ignorance
Recently returned from touring with No Doubt and recording third album ‘Brand New Eyes’, Paramore once more squeeze the teats of the emo cash cow with new single ‘Ignorance’. A slightly more mature take on their usual fodder, but the guitars and vocals still crash around the padded cell as if pissed off they’ve been asked to tidy it. ‘Ignorance’ might not exactly be bliss, but it’ll certainly keep Fueled By Ramen’s coffers heaving.


7. A Mountain Of One – Lie Awake
A masterclass in mong from A Mountain Of One’s ‘Institute Of Joy’, ‘Lie Awake’ combines the best of the last four decades of psychedelia (Pink Floyd here, spot of shoe there and Talk Talk’s more expansive moments nodding off on Balearic beach towel there) without sounding like a kaleidoscope of bong-induced sick. Stick this on, sit under a couple of hi-watt lightbulbs and pretend we’ve had a summer.

8. Florence And The Machine – Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit remix)
Florence continues to ride roughshod over ’09, this time bringing in the remix cavalry with Boy 8-Bit. In an NME interview Flo enthused about once hiding in a church tower, where she clearly got some tips to pass on to Boy 8-Bit, whose remix of ‘Drumming Song’ features peals of bells that descend along with whumpin’ Flo’s voice – used here as punctuation rather than the usual deranged and freeform love letter-scribbling.
Download from Discobelle.net

9. Trailer Trash Tracys – Candy Girl
No Pain In Pop’s New Cross noise-pop farm continues to reap a rich harvest, this time with Trailer Trash ‘We’re not a harem of Manics fans’ Tracys. With ‘Candy’ and ‘Girl’ making up the title, the nod to The Jesus And Mary Chain in vocals and fuzz is no surprise, but there’s a wistfulness to the melody that’s a comedown kiss between The XX and Crystal Stilts at 6am. Now that’s something we’d like to see.


10. Cosmo Jarvis – She’s Got You
The New Jersey-via-Totnes upbringing of Cosmo Jarvis gives his songwriting a schizophrenia that meshes US pop-punk vocal melodies and plinky-plonk guitar straight out of the Reverend school of narrative skiffling. The recorder solo (oh, yes) is a lift from Booker T & The MG’s’ ‘Soul Limbo’ – the cricket theme.