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Los Angeles glam-metal bands and subtlety don't go together, and [a]Toilet Boys[/a] aren't here to defy expectations...

Even [a]Spinal Tap[/a] never went as far as to set the venue on alight. Four songs into tonight’s show and[a]Toilet Boys[/a] guitarists Rik and Sean are shooting flames from their instruments – all good rock’n’roll pantomime. Nobody notices that they’ve set the lighting rig ablaze until lumps of molten plastic start falling down from the ceiling. Moments later the only people inside the venue are the fire brigade.

Los Angeles glam-metal bands and subtlety don’t go together, and Toilet Boys aren’t here to defy expectations. For a start there’s that name, while their debut album is called ‘Come And Get It’. Here they are, literally in the flesh, with transvestite singer Miss Guy looking like a particularly muscular Jerry Hall, backed by four topless, tattooed Sid Vicious wannabes, sounding like Mvouml;tley Cr|e. Isn’t this what grunge was meant to have saved us from?

In truth, grunge was a joyless affair, and this dumb-ass rock cabaret is at least fun. Miss Guy preens as the band cut choreographed axe poses and mash up New York Dolls and Pistols riffs into a sleazy glam-garage racket.

Then comes the fire and everyone’s heading for the street as Miss Guy stands centre stage watching the flames, screaming, “Yeah! Rock’n’fuckin’roll!” It’s mindless trash. But then sometimes that’s the best kind.

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